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Met Adventskalender 2021 - Refill- bzw. DIY-Set

Item number: ADV-0004

24 different mead variations from our product range
Optional: Choose your own combination!
Perfect for those who want to create a selfmade Advent Calender or as a refill kit for last years Calender.

Category: Met-Adventskalender

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34,99 €

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Available now!

There are variations of this item. Please select the variation you wish.

The original Mead Advent Calender with 24 delicious mead varieties - Bottles only!

Discover a new mead variety every day.

Perfect for everyone, who is looking for unique fillers for their handmade Advent Calender or for the one they kept from last year.
Or maybe you need something fancy this year and thought about decorating a mead-tree? Then search no further!
This DIY-/Refill-Set contains 24  small bottles a 20ml.


Option 1: Standard-edition with pre-selected varieties

The bottles are numbered so the order is fixed. The selection gives you an overview of our wide mead range.

24x20ml (Different varieties out of the following categories Classic MeadMead from special honeysMead "Mix", Mead "Infused" und Mead "Exclusiv")



Option 1 is also available as B-Stock for the pragmatic mead-friend. The same variations are contained, but some labels may be damaged and/or replaced. Therefore you can save some money.


Option 2: Choose your mead varations out of our entire product range!

After completing the order you receive an e-mail. Following the link, you can freely select your desired varieties. You can choose between 80 different types of mead and mead variations!

The package also contains a sheet with numbered stickers, so you can choose the order yourself as well.

You can order one variety more than once. "24x mead "Exclusive" Gin and Berries ? Why not, you have free choice!

There is only one small restriction: Your selection may only include two from the categorie "Oak Aged".

Contents: 0,48 l

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