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Mead "Original" Canister 10l 12%vol

Our base between sweet and tart as a canister.

69,99 € *
7,00 € per 1 l

Tap for Canister

5,99 € *

Try packet PURE BLOSSOM 4 x 0,75l

Are you an absolute lover of our pure blossom mead variations?

Then our savings package with the four different types of pure honey is just right for you.

Included are:
•1 x fir mead (10%vol)
•1 x orange blossom mead (10%vol)
•1 x chestnut mead (11%vol)
•1 x linden blossom mead (10%vol)

46,00 € *
15,33 € per 1 l

Try packet CHERRY 3 x 0,75l

As a connoisseur of our mead mix cherry, our small sampler pack is perfect for you. The mead mix cherry comes with the sweet Valentine's mead and the campfire mead with cherry & cinnamon.

37,99 € *
16,88 € per 1 l

Mead "Sweet" Canister 10l 11%vol

Our traditional sweet mead variant as a 10 liter canister.
69,99 € *
7,00 € per 1 l

Met Mix "Cherry Mix" Bag in Box 10l 6%vol

Our cherry and mead mix in a 10 liter bag in box.

It is not necessary to order the outlet tap for our bag in box.

86,49 € *
8,65 € per 1 l