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Black Ice 0,75l 10%vol

A Mead-Mix made after the master`s secret recipe.
9,99 € *
13,32 € per 1 l

Flammentanz 0,75l 9%vol

Mead (Honeywine) mixed drink is dedicated to the band Feuerdorn. Our fruity and slightly dry Wildberry-Mix with a beautiful bright red fire effect.

17,49 € *
23,32 € per 1 l

ROTER STERN Apple-Cherry 0,75l 7,5%vol

Our beloved slightly sweet Mead-Mix with apple and cherry juice as a special edition for the tavern -Roter Stern- on the Conquest of Mythodea. Comes with a magic dark-red glittering effect.

17,49 € *
23,32 € per 1 l

"MET" official merchandise for EQUILIBRIUM 0,75l 12%vol

20 years ago EQILIBRIUM brought out that sensual and profound ballad that still plays automatically in many ears today when it comes to the (always moderate) consumption of mead. We at Metwabe are proud to be able to present this special edition in cooperation with EQUILIBRIUM on this occasion!

Special edition "MET" of our classic mead as official merchandise for the metal band "EQUILIBRIUM".

12,41 € *
16,55 € per 1 l

"Des Wolfes Strke" Cherry & Vanilla 0,75l 6%vol

The strength of the wolf. Cherries as red as our blood combined with the sweet taste of vanilla resembles the north we come from. Together the strength that only the pack has in common. That is what the wolf pack promises
17,49 € *
23,32 € per 1 l

"Cath an Leonin" Apfel & Kirsch 0,75l 7,5%vol

The temptation of the lion "- apples from Avalon paired with the wild kiss of the cherries. The sweet promise of timeless beings. The call of the fairies of the house of Fhiona.

11,49 € *
15,32 € per 1 l