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Tasting-Kit "Starterpaket" (12x20ml)

You want to get to know our mead? Then our tasting kit "Starter-Paket" is just the right thing. Here you get a comprehensive taste insight into the Metwabe assortment and get to know honey wines and variations comprehensively!

24,99 € *
104,13 € per 1 l

Tasting Kit "The Berserker"

A selection of 4 bold Mead variations in an elegant metal case.

A berserker is a warrior who fights intoxicated and does not feel any pain or wounds. The selection of our higher percentage mead variations in our "The Berserker" tasting kit is due to this.

Our "Berserker" tasting kit is the perfect choice for lovers of bitter mead or anyone who doesn't like it too sweet. The bottles stand in an elegant silver bowl. In combination with gin, whiskey and rum, each mead variation is unique in terms of its taste and aroma, which underlines the diversity of mead. The metal bowl gives the whole thing an elegant touch and invites you to taste it.

The perfect gift for your friends and family...or even for yourself!

14,99 € *

"The classics"

Spoil your friends or discover the world of Metwabe mead yourself with our exclusive tasting kits in a high-quality metal case.

In our Tatsing-Kit "The Classics" you will find a fine selection of our best-selling varieties and a practical tasting guide with further information.

The perfect opportunity for mead lovers and novices who want to enjoy the full flavor experience!

14,99 € *

"Oak storage" tasting kit

With the extraordinary tasting experience of 6 variants of our oak storage, the unique world of taste of our vintages 2017 to 2020 awaits you. This way you can experience the maturing process of these special editions LIVE.

19,99 € *

Tasting Kit "The Seer"

A fruity blend of 4 mead samples.

A seer is a fascinating and mysterious figure whose gifts and abilities go beyond the ordinary. With a clear view of the past, present, and future, the seer is often regarded as a mediator between the visible and invisible world.

In our tasting kit "Der Seher" you will also discover a clear vision of our fruity variations of fruit honey wines. From the exotic melon to the mysterious shell of the blackcurrant, with its bitter charm, you will surely find your favorite.

The perfect gift for your friends and family... or even for yourself!

14,99 € *

Tasting-Kit "The Mage"

Spoil your friends or explore the Metwabe-Metworld yourself with our exclusive tasting kits in a high-quality metal case.

In the fantasy world, magicians are powerful individuals with magical abilities, wearing flowing robes, wielding mysterious wands, and donning a worn, pointed wizard hat.

In our kit 'The Mage,' you will find a refined selection of our magical Magic-Mead varieties and a practical tasting guide with additional Information.

14,99 € *