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Summer Sale

Metwabe Summer Sale

From the 26th of june 2020 to the 5th of Jule 2020 we will double the most expesive bottle in every order. Yes- you heared right! It's free then!

So whatever will be the highest prized bottle in your order, will be added by another one of the same sort.

The most important rules for this sale:

Do i have to activate anything like a coupon ?

No. The free bottle will be included in any online-order in this time-period.

What, if i order different bottles with the same highest price?

Please write in the "comment to the order", wich bottle shell be doubled! - Otherwise we will double a random one.

What if I order more than one of my highest price mead?

Only one free bottle will be included in every order. No matter how big the order will be.

Are prducts excluided?

The sale is only for bottles ordered in the main category "Mead/Honeywine". . Canisters, tasting-kits and saving-bundles/sets are excluded!